Trenchant Insurance Is a Broker?

Trenchant Insurance is a Broker?

An insurance broker is an insurance agent - we are an agent that works with multiple insurance companies.  Brokers are also referred to as “independent agents”.  We are independent because we are not tied to only one insurance company.

We have the ability to shop your insurance rates with all of the companies we work with.  We are not trying to fit every client into one box; we have many options to fit the puzzle pieces of your life.   If you are dissatisfied with a company’s price, coverage or customer service, we can easily transition you to another company in our portfolio.

Our service does not stop at simply finding insurance for you.  We also help you with all customer service needs you have along the way:  address and billing changes, new vehicles, new drivers, updates to coverage plus anything else that affects your policies.  We are here to discuss your risk and how you can affordably and adequately protect yourself from the crazy situations life can throw at you.

As your broker we are constant.  As your broker we represent you!