Product Information


Home Insurance

We protect one of your greatest and most beloved assets – your home.  Home insurance provides protection against disasters such as fire, rain, wind, hail, lightning, vandalism, theft and other perils.  It normally comes in a package that covers damage to the home’s structure, your personal property, as well as liability for your legal responsibility for injuries and property damage caused to other people.  Don’t forget to add coverage for your high value items like jewelry, furs, guns, goldware and silverware!

Auto Insurance

Get the coverage that fits your needs.  It is easy to be distracted when you pull out of a parking space or hit the gas instead of the brake.  If you cause an accident, you want your insurance company to be there to protect you.  If you or your passengers are injured get coverage to pay for medical and funeral expenses.  There is coverage to repair or replace your vehicle, roadside assistance and rental reimbursement.  Coverage needs are unique to the person and we can help you choose what is best for you.  

Life Insurance

Life insurance assists in paying the financial burdens associated with your death or the death of a loved one.  It can pay funeral expenses, a mortgage balance and outstanding loans or debts.  In addition, the benefit can be used to save money for college or used as supplemental income.  There are term polices that last for a specific period and there are some policies lasting almost a lifetime that may earn cash value.

Health Insurance

A health insurance policy is designed to help you pay your medical expenses.  You hope you never need it but is tremendously helpful if you have it.  New laws make health insurance more affordable and accessible to those with pre-existing conditions. 

Business Insurance

You work hard as an entrepreneur and do not want to lose business profit due to a disaster.  A business policy can include property coverage, loss of income and liability.  You may also need professional liability and workers compensation.   

Watercraft Insurance

You work hard for your toys so make sure they have adequate protection.  This policy protects against accidents that cause damage to your boat or another person’s property.  You can purchase medical payments coverage if someone were to get injured on your boat.  You may also need water sport liability and towing.

Motorcycle Insurance

Feel protected as you cruise the open road on your motorcycle.  Get coverage for damage to the bike, special equipment and your safety apparel.  So whether you’re on a cruiser, touring, street bike or scooter, there is a policy for you! 

Motor HomE Inurance

Motor homes, travel trailers and campers need insurance too! Ride the open road with a policy that suits your lifestyle.  These policies typically cover more than what car insurance provides.  Get coverage for personal belongings, accessories such as awnings, antennas and satellite dishes and additional liability while the Motor home is parked as a residence. 

Personal Articles Floater

Jewelry, furs, fine arts, cameras, bicycles, musical instruments, silverware/china/crystal, stamps and coin collections, guns and more can be listed on a Personal Articles Floater.  Home insurance may not cover the full value of these items so make sure you are covered.

Vacant Home

Not every company wants to insure a vacant home.  We offer specialized coverage while you are trying to sell or rent the home or maybe you are in the process of a renovation.  Get an affordable policy with flexible terms!

Mobile HomE insurance

A policy not only covers the mobile home but can also cover other structures on property, liability, living expenses if your home is severely damaged and your personal belongings.  Safeguard your investment with a policy from us. 


Extra liability insurance helps protect you against major claims and lawsuits.  It can cover injuries, damage to property, libel, slander and other lawsuits.  Coverage starts at $1 million. 


An SR22 shows the DMV proof of financial responsibility.  It is required by the DMV if you’ve been caught driving without insurance or have had a DUI.  Typically the SR22 must be carried for 3 years.  We can handle these quickly so you can provide proof to the court or DMV.  

Wedding Protection and Event Liability

When you are planning that special day you want every detail to be perfect.  If it does not go as planned these policies help recover some of the costs such as Cancellation/Postponement, Lost Deposits, Photographs/Video, Event Gifts, Special Attire, etc.  You can also purchase liquor liability if an accident is caused by an intoxicated guest at the event site.  Get peace of mind on your special day.  

Flood Insurance

Two inches of water can cost you $7,800 in damages!  Flood insurance is separate from your home insurance and protects you from the financial burden a flood can cause.  There is no such thing as not being in a flood zone.  You are either in a high or low risk area – there is always the risk of a flood.  Low risk areas are very inexpensive to insure.  The policy protects the structure of the home and personal property.