Nevada Minimum Car Insurance Limits are Increasing

The State of Nevada passed a bill increasing the minimum car insurance limits from $15,000 (bodily injury per person)/$30,000 (bodily injury per accident)/$10,000 (property damage) to $25,000/50,000/$20,000.  Nevada is one of eight states remaining that permitted such low limits. Unfortunately, Nevada rates have already been on the rise and this required coverage change will add to that.  

However, do not be disheartened - drivers will now have better coverage!  This coverage protects you if you are found negligent or at fault in an accident.  If you are a victim of an accident, the responsible party will now have more coverage to assist in paying for medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering and loss of wages.  

Some insurance companies will start increasing limits as early as January 2018.  Pay attention to your declaration page and your bill.  Feel free to contact us to discuss coverage options, billing, discounts and re-shopping your insurance with other companies.